“10 Starter Tips on Survival”

“Expect the unexpected. People whom you adore when you were young might be the people who will ruin your life in the future. It is a matter of playing safe, being greedy, and craving for power.”

Once in our life, we had high respect to people whom we thought were pillars of changes and improvement. But when we were at the point wherein we belong to their own-made jungle, everything will turn into ashes. But how would we survive to this kind of situation without totally forgetting that we once had high respect to them and we should save that lil respect? Here’s how:

1.Compose yourself.

No one can control your emotions more that you yourself. It is a matter of telling yourself, it’s fine and everything will be alright in God’s time. Never ever let your standards go down to their level because mind you, you are above higher than them, so just keep calm. Believe in your own skills though you are not as powerful as them. Power eats the totality of mankind but the thought of being good and honest with your conscience makes you more powerful.

2.Uphold your principles.

Even when the world or system eats you, no one could say that you will just be swallowed by the set standards of hypocrisy. Remember that following their path doesn’t totally mean you are going to be covered up with their shortcomings. Let your own principle speak for you. It doesn’t mean you need to be against them all the time. You just need to figure out if everything is fine and correct. Your set principles will take you elsewhere. Keep in mind that people without principle are said to be playing safe but in the end they are forgotten with no legacy.

3.Speak your mind.

The world needs honesty. That’s why most of us were abused because we always say it’s fine even though people belittle and step on us. Speak freely your mind. Say what;s on it with right tone, right words, and right composure. No one could say that you are disrespectful if you use your diplomacy in sharing your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to ask. And be brave enough to accept answers which are unfavorable, unfair, and unreasonable. Let it go and let them seek their own consequence.

4.Do not just go with the flow.

You are not a river. If you think everything is wrong, paddle. If you think you will just die from flowing, swim. Life is not a matter of just going with the flow knowing that the person leading you is not even a good swimmer. Learn to believe that you create your own path. That you will just be the one to paint your track even people will drag you down.

5.Give them the benefit of the doubt.

If you think they are unreasonable and that they stepped you out, think of their past. Learn to give them that benefit of the doubt. Mind you, it will actually help. Like for instance, someone drags you down but that person is miserable enough. Think of it as his or her own way of gaining strength. Let him or her. Maybe, he or she needs to create an opportunity to build her name because he or she wants to prove something. Be emphatic and merciful.

6.Listen to right people.

People around you might drag you down but listening to right people will lift you up. Others might be helpful but others might ruin you too, so choose whom to listen. Listening to unsolicited advice from right people unconsciously will comfort you. It is beneficial to have these kind of people for they let you decide on things properly and that they let you believe that you are far better than others.

7.Engage to more positive thoughts.

Living a life full of negative thoughts will not take you elsewhere same as those people who are living in miseries, unfavorable thoughts and unacceptable actions. Powerful people might use everything they have just to live a life they want but there will be no constant happiness and satisfaction on them. The mere fact that they think of something bad towards others, it slowly eats them too. Negative people are like poisons to their good soul.

8.Learn that at the end of the process, you will stand with pride.

What is the best thing in life than walking around a place with pride. Good entrance, good exit as to what others said, it is definitely true. Pitiful are those people who doesn’t have pride at all. They might be on their highest positions or highest degree right now, but the pride wasn’t totally recognizable, it is useless in the end. When someone stepped on you, learn to stand and walk with pride. Let them live a life full of breakable pride and let you live your life full of unbreakable one.

9.Take it as a blessing for you and karma to them.

In every uncertain times we have, take it as an opportunity from God to let you find your own way. Remember that in everytime you cry because of other people, there will always a sweet comeback on you especially if you are on the right side. God will not either let this happen to you without a valid reason. Learn to believe that there are better plans for you, that there are bigger opportunities for you, and a painful karma will bounce back to them. Karma is real. Don’t forget that. Everything that you achieved through bad process, it will be more than miserable in the end. Just choose between good karma and bad karma.

10.Pray for them.

Lastly, pray for them. Pray for others because they might not know what they are doing. They might be favored with the material world. They might not think of themselves as children of God and they might not know that God is watching them. Pray for their wellness and good life.


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