Why fear your passion?

For once, have you told yourself you are doing great in the field you are into right now?

Do you also have doubts, what ifs and if nots in your mind?

Were you hundred percent sure that you are doing what you love right now?

Questions were moving, running, and shouting inside my head whenever passion takes into the topic. Learning is fun and I know that personally but to learn more about your passion is really quite a rare case to our present time. Just like what others always ask, “Do you work to live, or do you live to work?” Perfect question for imperfect situations.

But, how do we define passion? Generally, it is a strong and barely uncontrollable emotion. It’s like fire that keeps on burning. It’s like love that continues to grow. And it should be you and me, uncontrollable in doing things we love for the sake of living and fun. Who wouldn’t want to have a job which speaks for their heart? Who wouldn’t want to improve on the field they love to do. Love is really anywhere.

But for me, right now, I already found one missing link in my life when it comes to passion. I’m already a teacher at present but as I take teaching journey, I came to learn and decide deep inside me the love I have for other people. I love helping and I love seeing smiles whenever I lit a little positive vibes on me.

Guidance and Counseling has been an ‘unexpected slash hidden slash never in my dreams’ passion. Maybe, when I was a freshman in college, I never knew what other courses I might take but knowing that I discover this while teaching, I know it is something like a twin destiny for me.

I wanted to be a guidance counselor today not just because of the demand, exposure and learning opportunities it offer but it is more on the dedication behind it. Listening wasn’t my forte before because I love talking and I must admit, I am loquacious. CERTIFIED!

Talking about the dedication behind, it is more on listening to others. Letting them speak their mind and show their trust on me really give me that certain “kilig” we call in Filipino language.

Seldom to know people who can just lend their ears and just let you burst out your emotions. I want to be that seldom one. Moreover, the demand for this field here and abroad give me chills that I wanted to be those few who are practicing this. Aside from the satisfaction from the task because I love to do it, the reward behind it awaits for me.

Don’t wait for that opportunity to come rather create that one and be the best on it. If you are brave enough, it’ll be one bittersweet journey to take.

Talking about passion right now, I would say it takes courage to have it. I can say now that I am ready to leave the teaching force and join another field which gives me feels while doing it. And to that, I will be a licensed guidance counselor soon!


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