Where it all started…

“Another journey has come to an end…”

Masters or post-graduate studies will never be as something as ‘easy breezy’ stuff for everyone. In today’s trend, everyone hungers and thirst for continuing studies not only because for promotions but also for professional growth.”

I could still remember my first thought of taking up masters when I was 19. I was young, idealistic, and reserve. That time, I knew then that I do not like to take the trend in my college degree. I wanted to have something different, something that I love to do and something that will benefit others. Then, I decided to take Guidance and Counseling as my masters degree. I knew then that I will be good in this craft. Enrolling at a very young age for masters was a good decision but not a wise one, I must admit. When I was at my first day, I let my eyes roll and find something that will make me feel at ease. I just realized, I was the youngest among the group. I was with professionals with years of experience in their chosen careers. It feels like I will be swallowed by everyone. The confidence I had while enrolling vanished into ashes. Overtime, I listen to group discussions, I wanted to disappear. I couldn’t share something like theirs. I could not even relate for I was not yet in their state. In other words, I finished my first semester just like anyone else.

I stopped for a while due to career issues and when I wanted to get back, I wanted to start it all over again. I enrolled at Wesleyan University-Phillipines with same program but with jam-packed units. That didn’t hinder me. I really wanted to get my masters diploma in a span of 2 years.


I met different people, professors, classmates, and new-found friends. I was able to share myself too. I was able to relate my self to everyone because at some point I wasn’t that young anymore. I wasn’t that vulnerable and innocent with stuffs then. I was one of them. I can finally say that to myself.

Back then, I thought it’s just all about attending classes and listening to professors. It was the other way around. I was the one being listened to by professors as they share the lessons I needed to pass the subject. I met friends whom I could say with shared passion and dreams.

In the end, one should always remember that entering one journey needs readiness. It doesn’t count the readiness for financial state but readiness with emotional, and intellectual ability. It is better to have something to share with the people whom you will encounter in the process of acquiring new knowledge. Also, if one can have the opportunity to study and learn on their own, take it. Do not just pay for a degree. It will take you to promotions but the knowledge you can share to prove your degree doesn’t count. Take it as a rare chance.


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