When in mid20s!

College Degree. Career. Post Graduate Studies. Love. Marriage. Settlement.

Those were just some of our standard paths in life that we mistakenly follow though we are not hundred percent happy and decided on it. Life is a matter of variance and exploration. To be able to fit in this world of standardization, we tend to just do it not because we want it but because nature calls for it.

Mid-20s has been an issue on me and surely to other people as well. It is the time of our lives that we tend to look at ourselves and ask ourselves, “Where are you right now?”, “What are you doing?”, “Do you have financial maturity or even a bank account?”, and “Where are your friends now?”

Absolutely right. Mid20s is the moment where you question your self and own capabilities as you compare your own success to others. You might say, “Oh she’s married already.”, “Oh she graduated and received her doctoral degree.” or even saying “Oh, she’s really successful now.” Isn’t it pathetic at times we think of these? But mind you, it’s definitely normal.

What’s not normal? Here’s the deal.

First, knowing that you are lacking seems to be acceptable because that s one way of recognizing that you can improve more. Second, comparing yourself to others is not even fair for you. rather, why not use that opportunity to strive hard and use them as your daily inspiration. Third. not everyone has it. Always remember that everything in this world can never be at someone’s one hand. Fourth, surround yourself with positive people and cultivate yourself with positive outlook in life. In that case, you will be able to attract positive things in life. Lastly, success doesn’t come easy. It takes years and years in order to achieve it. It only takes the right attitude to make it.

Just like in choosing a career, choose a career which will give out the best in you and will give you a smiling heart before you take a rest at night. It doesn’t matter if we are at something else’s right now. The most important thing to remember is that nothing is late to someone who choose o follow his heart’s desire.


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