What’s Up?

Today’s generation shows complexities in different aspects of their lives. As to what others call them-Millenials, they are far different from the generation we have. For that, they are exciting to guide and help in order to discover how our children will be in the succeeding years to come.

millenial team on fleek

In knowing your passion and goal, it is not enough that you know your job and knowledgeable about your clients.

Here are some few things to consider about Guidance and Counseling.

1. Define your passion.

As what research has said, Guidance and Counseling is in line with someone who is employed usually in schools to offer advice on problems, help troubled students and assist students in making career or college plans.

2. Know what awaits you.

In some quick facts about School and  Career Counselors, they are most likely to receive $54,560 per year or $26.23 per hour. In most cases at present, they prefer a master’s degree holder for their typical entry-level. In 2014, there are approximately 273, 400 of jobs that awaits everyone and is expected to heighten as years pass by.

3. Think if you fit.

School counselors typically do the following:

  • Evaluate students’ abilities and interests through aptitude assessments, interviews, and individual planning
  • Identify issues that impact school performance, such as poor classroom attendance rates
  • Help students understand and overcome social or behavioral problems through classroom guidance lessons and counseling
  • Counsel individuals and small groups on the basis of student and school needs
  • Work with students to develop skills, such as organizational and time management abilities and effective study habits
  • Help students create a plan to achieve academic and career goals
  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students succeed
  • Teach students and school staff about certain topics, such as bullying, drug abuse, and planning for college or careers after graduation
  • Report possible cases of neglect or abuse and refer students and parents to resources outside the school for additional support

4. Heart, Soul, and Mind on it.

Counseling will never be as effective as we think without using our heart, soul and mind. To be able to cater the needs of our clients, one should possess the values and traits a guidance counselor should have. It will never be an easy track but it’ll be a fruitful journey to travel on only if right attitude and perspective comes in.

5. Take it or Leave it.

In order to sustain our goal to have professional growth, one should be brave enough to leave everything behind for one dream that will benefit everyone. Take risks and take the consequences. One person never succeeds without the guts of facing what’s behind that dream of yours.


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