Real Deal!

Mismatch. Job confusion.

Guidance and counseling might have the most beneficial area in education if someone just paid attention to it. In other parts of the world. guidance and counseling has been an integral part of schooling and career development for students. It has been one of the most effective tool in helping students know more about what they want. Through guidance and counseling, one can clearly know himself/herself through different psychological exams. With the help of practitioners, majority wouldn’t feel alone and tired because they know someone is there to listen and interact with them.

At present in the country, guidance and counseling has never been given the spotlight it needs in order to take action. Well, in fact most of the teachers tend to play the role of a guidance counselor which shouldn’t be. Not everyone can do the job a counselor can. But because, we are not fully informed with our tasks, we tend to overboard it as something that anyone can do it. One simple advice that we give a child might ruin his life. Just be careful.

Now, it has been a challenge overtime that we face such crisis in informing everyone the role of a guidance counselor, that not everyone can be one. I strongly believe that the government should take action to this especially in the Department of Education the review the curriculum and include the guidance and counseling as an integral part of developing students holistically.



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